On Music…

The way the songs we know so well are etched onto our souls and knitted into our muscles and bones.  We’re brought into them with just one note, even heard in the distance.  We know it so well and it knows us too.  It holds memories of us that we don’t even remember them until we’re brought back by the sounds of them.  

This song knows me as well as I know you.  Down to the very heart of me – from the start to the end, there is no time within that tune; the feelings are infinite.

To sing is to connect to all of our ancestors; to all the history, all the biology, all the lives that lived to give you this voice and this song to sing.  What is it if not sacred?

And to compose music; weaving all your experiences, all of your feelings, all of your stories together with everything you’ve ever heard, and somehow create something new, something so specific to you.  You are but a thread weaving yourself into the collective consciousness.  Your thread is tying itself to all of your influences, who are tied to all of their influences, and so on and so on, until the beginning of time.  Individual threads woven together, intersected and spliced to create an immense tapestry weaving it’s way through centuries.

Music is an ongoing conversation between generations that started well before, and will continue long after we, as individuals, are gone.  So is the beauty of this medium.  So is the beauty of humanity.

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