Adopting Adaptogens: Decocting Chaga (Chaga Tea)

So you’ve bought some chaga mushrooms and now you’re wondering what do with them?  Well, the first step is decoction.  This is a very simple process, it just takes a little bit of time. 


Equipment Needed:

Large Pot, Instant Pot or Slow Cooker



  • 2 – 3 inch chunk of chaga (or several smaller chunks)
  • Roughly 2 L of water


  1. All you need to do is fill a large pot or a slow cooker full of water.
  2. Drop the large chunk of chaga or 4 – 5 small chunks into the pot.
  3. Let simmer for about 5 hours, or overnight.  *I have used a basic slow cooker, and just let it cook on low all day, and I’ve used my Instant Pot on slow cooker mode and set it for 5 hours; both methods worked well.
  4. After the chaga has steeped for a number of hours, the water will turn dark brown, almost black in colour.  Don’t be alarmed!  That’s what it’s supposed to look like 🙂
  5. When it is done steeping, you can drink the hot tea black or with lemon and honey.  (Be aware that chaga has a slightly peculiar taste; one that might take some getting used to; it’s been described as “loamy”…)
  6. Alternatively, you can store the tea in a large pitcher, or jars to use at a later time.  *I pour the chaga tea into large jars, let them sit on the counter until they’ve cooled, and refrigerate them for future use.
  7. Keep the chunks of chaga that you steeped, let them dry out in a small dish and store them in the fridge until your next use.  You can steep them at least 2 – 3 more times until the water is light or nearly clear, then you know you’ve extracted all of the beneficial compounds. * I often save the chunks of chaga I’ve already steeped to ground up and use in my Chaga Coffee.
  8. Now that you’ve got a big batch of chaga tea, you can add it to any regular tea that you drink, into smoothies, or try making Golden Chaga Milk, or Hot Chagalate.


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